Native Seed Testing

BioBank Seed uses a series of internationally recognised ISTA laboratory seed testing procedures to determine the quality of an Australian native seed sample with accurate statistical documentation. Seed analysis is a vital first step for any project involving seed. It provides the baseline data to plan a project and measure outcomes, eliminating the risk of unknown seed quality.

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Seed Quality Testing?

The most common types of seed quality testing are purity, viability and germinability. These are the types BioBank Seed perform the most.

Seed Purity – Testing seed purity will reveal the amount of native seed, compared to the amount of chaff or trash, in a sample. Seed purity testing also allows us to identify unwanted weed seeds.

Viability – Viability testing provides statistical information on the number of seeds with a living embryo within a sample. Viability will give you a percentage of pure live seeds that might germinate.

Germinability – Testing the germination percentage of a seed sample will determine the average number of seeds that will germinate from a known quantity of seed under lab conditions.

The Benefits Of Native Seed Analysis

There are many benefits of native seed analysis. The results of the various seed tests will determine the quality, and therefore, the value, of your seed. This information is not only important to the purchaser but can help collectors improve their practices. Analysis is valuable for researchers to help understand germination, seed dormancy issues, and create seed enhancement technologies.

Australian Native Seed Testing Services NSW, QLD & VIC

Servicing NSW, QLD and VIC, BioBank Seed is dedicated to aiding you preserve and restore Australia’s native ecosystems. With our Australian native seed testing services, you can be confident the seeds used are of the highest quality.

The expertise of Dr Lorena Ruiz Talonia, Native Seed Ecologist at BioBank Seed, ensures an accurate and fully documented assessment of seed quality, eliminating the risks associated with using untested seed. For all your testing requirements, contact BioBank Seed today and ensure your project’s future.

Page Updated: 16/04/2024

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