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Establishing the Future for Native Revegetation

BioBank Seed are the leaders in establishing native revegetation in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The Seed Science & Development team behind BioBank Seed specialises in the collection of native seed, seed coating and seed testing. Providing access to high quality seed analysis and testing for organizations, government bodies, mining sectors, Roads & Maritime and Councils. BioBank Seed supplies Wholesale Australian Native seed for the purpose of revegetation and rehabilitation of land due to the activities undertaken as part of an organisations operations and in compliance with regulatory bodies.

All projects are put through BioBank Seed’s unique lab seed testing analysis. Plant with confidence using definitive and dependable seed viability reports. BioBank Seed uses state-of-the-art seed storage facilities to store over 200 species. The Seed Science & Development team behind BioBank Seed ensures clients have long-term support with each project.