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Providers of Native Seed Services to NSW, QLD & VIC

BioBank Seed are the leaders in establishing native revegetation and native seed services in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The Seed Science & Development team behind BioBank Seed specialises in Australian native seed collection, native seed coating and native seed testing.

We believe that a healthy environment is essential for a sustainable future. That’s why we’re dedicated to preserving and restoring local ecosystems through the use of our Australian native seed services. Our services help to promote local biodiversity, improve soil health, and enhance water retention for the benefit of the land and surrounding communities.

BioBank Seed is proud to play a leading role in the responsible use of resources and land rehabilitation.

Establishing the Future for Native Revegetation

We provide access to high-quality seed analysis and testing for organizations, government bodies, mining sectors, Roads & Maritime and Councils. BioBank Seed are wholesale Australian native seed suppliers for native revegetation and rehabilitation of land because of the activities undertaken as part of an organisation’s operations and in compliance with regulatory bodies.

BioBank Seed puts all projects through our unique lab seed testing analysis. Plant with confidence using definitive and dependable seed viability reports. BioBank Seed uses state-of-the-art seed storage facilities to store over 200 species. The Seed Science & Development team behind BioBank Seed ensures clients have long-term support with each project.

Page Updated: 17/10/2023

Native Seed Services

BioBank Seed combines top level scientific expertise, with the extensive practical knowledge and experience of professional seed collectors, to offer a unique service, driven by a shared passion to restore the native Australian landscape.

Select from the comprehensive range of services from BioBank Seed.

Native Seed Testing

Accurate laboratory tests to determine seed quality

Order Native Seed

Lab tested wholesale provenance seed

Native Seed Collection & Harvesting

Ethically targeted seed collection by professionals

Native Seed Coating

Maximise the potential of each Seed


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Seed Processing

Seed cleaning & storage

Direct Seeding

Broad acre drone revegetation

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