Native Seed Services

BioBank Seed combines top level scientific expertise, with the extensive practical knowledge and experience of professional seed collectors, to offer a unique service, driven by a shared passion to restore the native Australian landscape.

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Native Seed Testing

Accurate laboratory tests to determine seed quality

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Lab tested wholesale provenance seed

Native Seed Collection & Harvesting

Ethically targeted seed collection by professionals

Native Seed Coating

Maximise the potential of each seed


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Seed Processing

Seed cleaning & storage

Direct Seeding

Broad acre drone revegetation

Seed Testing & Science for Better Outcomes

BioBank Seed offers a comprehensive range of services for the Australian native plant industry, with a focus on Ecological Restoration. BioBank Seed understands that knowledge and quality are crucial to successful project outcomes when dealing with native seed. This is why our services are based upon accurate seed testing and scientific research.

The BioBank Seed native seed testing facility conducts testing to ISTA standards on any seed sample to determine purity, viability, germination percentages, seed counts, and more.

BioBank Seed also offers seed coating services, and consultation services, to ensure the client gets the best results from this valuable natural resource.
BioBank Seed not only stocks a large selection of ethically sourced native seed, but also performs targeted collection of provenance seed, with detailed field data recording, through to cleaning and storage.