EcoRestore Native Grass Seed

BioBank Seed EcoRestore Native Grass Seed

Product Description

EcoRestore Native Grass Seed has been developed for the Council and Civil industry to remediate disturbed roadside and footpaths.

EcoRestore is formulated to provide a mix of native grass species from the area identified on the bag. The seed has been ethically harvested and scientifically tested for germination and purity. The seed has been coated as a protection from germination due to insufficient moisture. The formulation includes Zeolite, Calcium carbonate, beneficial soil biota and trace elements.


  • The site will require a light cultivation and fine tilthe.
  • Determine the area in m2
  • The spreading rate is 250m2 per 1 Kg of EcoRestore.
  • The coated seed will also assist with gauging the correct coverage.
  • Use the dipper provided, fill to level.
  • This amount in the dipper will cover 10m2, observe what the seed coverage looks like and continue spreading.


No, the mix will contain species not found in lawns.

No, EcoRestore is a specialised native seed product and is scientifically tested for germination and purity.  EcoRestore Native Grass Seed can only be purchased directly from BioBank Seed.

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