Native Seed Collection

BioBank Seed is highly experienced in Australian native seed collection. Our strict adherence to FloraBank seed collection protocols and accurate record keeping ensure BioBank Seed – Native Seed Collection is a trustworthy service of the highest quality.

BioBank Seed’s trained and licenced collectors operate under the highest level safety management systems to ensure all Australian native plant seeds are collected safely and ethically.

How Our Expert Native Seed Collectors Ensure Quality Collected Seed

With extensive experience in Australian conditions, the expert native seed collectors at BioBank Seed can collect the right native seed species from the right location. BioBank Seed also specialise in collecting and handling rare or endangered plant species.

Species Selection – Once the native plant species has been selected, we can then plan to ensure the best quality native seed possible is collected. This also considers the specific timetable for the selected species flowering and seed production.

Permissions & Permits – Permission from both the landowner and relevant authorities before beginning seed collection is required. In some cases, special permits may be required for collecting seeds from threatened species or ecological communities.

Seed Viability – Collection of only mature seeds also increases the seed viability over immature ones. The origin or provenance of a seed source is also an important consideration, as it refers to how well adapted the seed is to local environmental conditions.

Genetic Diversity – We ensure genetic diversity to maximise the success of your rehabilitation project while satisfying regulatory requirements. To do this, when selecting a site for seed collection, it’s important to choose large healthy natural populations.

Collection Methods – The collection method required for seed collection will vary depending on the species being collected. Whether they are trees, shrubs, forbs or grasses, our licenced operators will select the most appropriate methods.

Environmental Care and Data Collection – During seed collection, we take care not to harm the environment, such as avoiding introducing weeds with vehicles or plant material from other places. Our targeted seed collections are backed up by accurate testing and documentation, with in depth reporting provided to ensure a professional service.

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Grass Seed Harvesting

Grass seed harvesting plays an important role in aiding the restoration of a natural ecosystem. BioBank Seed has specialised equipment to carry out grass seed collection. Our grass seed harvester makes this process efficient, effectively covering a lot of grass and ground quickly. Before each harvest, the machines are cleaned thoroughly. This prevents harvest contamination from other grass species or weed seeds. Once the grass seeds are harvested, they’re sent for processing.

Targeted grass seed collection aids in the seeding of areas requiring restoration. By supplying the right species adapted to the climate and area increases the likelihood of a successful revegetation project.

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Australian Native Seed Collection Services NSW, QLD & VIC

With BioBank Seed’s thorough seed collection of Australian native plants, we’re able to supply you with the best quality native seed for our natural ecosystems preservation. Servicing NSW, QLD & Victoria, contact BioBank Seed about your next revegetation project.

Page Updated: 16/04/2024

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