BioBank Seed in Kosovo – ISTA Workshop

9–11 April 2019, Pejë, Kosovo

THE ISTA ACCREDITATION AND TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT organised an ISTA Workshop on Quality Assurance and ISTA Accreditation for Beginners in April this year in Kosovo. The lecturers were Florina Palada, Head of Accreditation and Technical Department, ISTA Secretariat; Rita Zecchinelli, ISTA Technical and System Auditor and Member of the ISTA Executive Committee and Eddie Goldschagg, Chair of the ISTA Bulking and Sampling Technical Committee.

The workshop was hosted by the Kosovo Agricultural Institute in Pejë. The Director of the Institute, Fehmi Geci, and the seed testing laboratory staff, Pranvera Berisha and Aida Berisha, were involved in the preparation. They ensured very good conditions for the workshop throughout all phases – a wellequipped lecture room, well organised lunches and an official dinner for the participants, as well as a social event. ISTA Workshop Administrator, Andreea Militaru, not only provided valuable support to the lecturers, organisers and participants before and during the workshop, but also attended as a participant.

We, the lecturers, had the opportunity to share our knowledge with 16 participants from six different countries (Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Kosovo). The participants were from governmental seed testing stations, the seed industry and from BioBank Seed, Australia.

(Paragraph text and images extracted from pg 53-55 – International Seed Testing Association News Bulletin No. 158 October 2019)

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